Online Agriculture Career Preparation and Training Options

When looking to pursue the education needed for a career in agriculture, there are a number of options for students to choose from. Training can be completed through various online schools and colleges, allowing students to gain the necessary skills without leaving the comforts of home. Online agriculture degree programs are available at several levels of education, and coursework will prepare students to enter into the workforce. Pursuing an agricultural education can teach students to carry out a number of tasks related to their specific career. Students can start the path by researching their options prior to enrollment in an educational training program online.1. Training for a career in agriculture can be done through online programs that allow students to study at their own leisure from just about anywhere. Educational options can include earning a variety of degrees at the graduate and undergraduate level. Students will need to decide if they would like to earn an associate, bachelor, or master level degree prior to enrollment. Training can last anywhere from two to six years based on the individual students career goals. When looking to pursue a career related to agriculture students should make sure they enroll in the program that will provide them with the coursework needed to gain the skills to succeed.2. Specific areas of study will vary based on the level of education the students chooses to obtain and the online school or college of enrollment. Coursework may consist of learning subjects like marketing, animal biology, plant science, economics, hydroponics, agricultural engineering, and more. Students can also choose to specialize in certain areas which will allow them to learn poultry science, global agricultural trade, animal husbandry, and many other relevant studies. By gaining an online education in these subjects, students will be prepared to seek employment in a number of exciting areas, and pursue the career of their dreams.3. When looking to pursue a career in agriculture students can look forward to a number of exciting professions in this field. Studies will allow students to enter into careers working as agricultural professors, agribusiness managers, animal farmers, greenhouse managers, vegetable farmers, and many other related professions. With a degree in this field students can enter into careers in animal and food science, agricultural operations, commodities brokering, and much more. Students can seek out the program that will best prepare them to meet their career and educational goals as agriculture professionals.Completing educational training programs will allow students to enter into the workforce ready for their careers. Some programs carry full accreditation, which provides schools and colleges with proof that they offer a quality education to students. There are agencies like the DETC ( ) that are able to fully accredit online learning programs. Students should look into the accredited online agriculture career preparation and training options prior to enrollment in order to gain the best education available to them.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at 2010 – All rights reserved by

The Best Agricultural Investment of 2010?

Agricultural investment has outperformed traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds and cash for some time, a fact backed by the sound fundamentals backing agricultural investments.The world population is growing, with most experts predicting a growth of 40% by 2050, and a correlated growth in demand for food of at least 50%. This, combined with the diminishing supply of agricultural land is pushing up the value of agricultural land at an annual average of more than 18% over the last three years.Here’s an interesting fundamental fact driving agricultural investments: The current commitments to biofuel use from the USA, EU, Japan, China, Canada, and India, would use up around 440 million acres, that’s all of the agricultural land in North America and 11% of the worlds farmland. This demand will continue to pressure output, and put agricultural land at a premium.So, what could be considered the best agricultural investment? Well the options for investor are two-fold, firstly you could invest in one of the many agricultural funds available on the market, these agricultural funds offer the investor the opportunity to participate at lower levels and enjoy the lower risk element of spreading their investment over a vast portfolio of crops and locations.The other option, and this is what I personally consider to be the best agricultural investment, involves a direct investment into agricultural land. This would be considered a low-risk asset (60% lower risk than other asset classes), as the human race will always need food, feed and fuel.Investors choosing to buy up agricultural land now, will benefit not only from the growth in the value of the land itself, but also from the high yield earned from leasing the land to a farmer. So the best agricultural investment in 2010? direct investment, buying farmland, owning the asset, however you want to put it, those investors choosing to buy up farmland now will be well rewarded, very well rewarded indeed.